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  1. We begin with a phone call, which will clarify what you're looking for with the video/photo content we'll be collaborating on. I'll ask you about your ideas - bring your vision to life
  2. We will send you a customized proposal/cost breakdown, outlining the project details and plan achieving the desired deliverable. 
  3. After approval of the project, a contract agreement will be sent out finalizing project details including shoots day(s) and requested delivery dates.

*Pose question of crappy videographer service- why is my service better? 




Let's face it. Hiring the right person or team for your visual media needs can be tough. At BYB Visual Media, we want you have in confidence in the decision that you're making. 

There are certainly a lot of options out there, but how do you know you're making the right choice? 

Simply put —you don't. BUT at BYB Visual Media, we relieve that streess can guarantee you that we're dedicated to bring your vision to life. It's what we do. 

*Independent boutique/customized production service









Videography (2 to 8 hours) commercials, events, music videos, promos etc. 

- Photography (2 to 8 hours) portraits, events, products, real estate etc.

- Editing (hourly rate) video, photo, graphics  

-Producing/Creative Direction conceptualization and project management until delivery 

*setup includes camera and basic sound equipment. Please specify if additional sound and lighting are desired for your project.


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  • Able to provide extensive lighting or sound set-ups (We have limited, simple solutions, but focus on quality content. Also, we welcome emails regarding referrals to other services that DO have this capacity!)
  • Complex animations and graphics (However, if this is desired, this service can be outsourced to an animation artist)



  • Know what the videographer can and can't do by making your needs known as early as possible. 
  • Also know where your money is actually going. Is the videographer/photographer providing equipment and other services him/herself or through a third party? If they don't make it known, ask. The hiring process might be more complicated than you realize, at first, making it difficult to plan your use of time as an  approaches.


Include piece about finances- deposit/payment 


Include brands/notable clients - Diversity of projects 


How do I realize your vision every time? 


How do I know this person knows what he's doing?


120% guarantee - (explain this service) 


I hope this was useful or you. Even if you don't hire me, I hope this helps you hire a videographer/photographer

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