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Excited to announce the premiere of Artists in Focus, a new video series featuring local artists pursuing a life built around freedom and creativity. Episode 1 with Boston-based photographer Alex Iby focuses on his path into photography.

After being inspired by content on social media, he decided to try his hand at creating his own. Alex has fully immersed himself into the world of photography, developing a unique style with an emphasis on people/portraiture.  

He's fascinated by those moments that portray a person in a way that takes the subject by surprise when they see the photo. By striving to connect with the model on a deep level, it's possible to achieve this outcome. Capturing the essence of a person in an image is his ultimate goal. 

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"I love capturing the emotions in people's faces. Everyone has a different story and a different way that they're living their life. And if I can capture just a sliver of that in a picture, that's what it's really all about."




Photography Journey

Alex first picked up a camera only a year and a half ago, but he has created quite a buzz with his work online including on Unsplash, an up-and coming photo sharing platform providing high definition copyright-free images to the public. He just recently hit 10 million views on his Unsplash page. By using Instagram and other social media platforms, Alex co-founded a local photography group that meets every Wednesday in Boston. This small community of local creatives has been a catalyst in the constant growth and evolution of his style.




"Every single day I have new visions in my head about what I'd like to shoot, what I'd like to see and where I'd like to go." 




The unknown aspect of this creative path is what fuels Alex in his pursuit. Being able to shape his life around this craft is his top priority. Since there are endless opportunities for growth and improvement, he feels that there is no ceiling within photography. There will always be more people to meet and places to see. With this mindset, he sees no limits in where this can take him. 


Alex's Advice for Creatives

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Just breath out a lot more. Take that time to relax and observe. When you get a clear mind, you can really focus in on what you want and what you envision yourself doing. 

This is something that can't be learned overnight. It's a lifelong journey of growing and expanding. Although no one piece of work can be considered good or bad, there's always plenty to learn. 


"Never be discouraged by where you are currently, but be excited about where you're going." 


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