Mt. Pleasant's Guitarist/Vocalist Tyler Mahoney

      Mt. Pleasant's Guitarist/Vocalist Tyler Mahoney


The third installment of Artists in Focus features Nicky and Tyler of Mt. Pleasant, a Boston-based band who lives to bring good vibes and sounds to their listeners. While rockin' out for local crowds feeds their souls, they have their sights set on even bigger things. 

This past summer, they turned up the heat, getting their track "Can't Wait to Fall in Love" on Spotify and other mainstream music platforms. This upbeat jam is actually a single off of their debut album, The Great Divide, which will be available for digital download on December 15th. 


        Mt. Pleasant's Guitarist/Vocalist Nicky Goulakos

      Mt. Pleasant's Guitarist/Vocalist Nicky Goulakos






"You don't know if you're going to wake up that next day. There's no reason to wait and not pursue what you want to do." 





Musical Journey 

Tyler Mahoney and Nicky Goulakos, both raised in Massachusetts, strum on the guitar and provide the vocals for Mt. Pleasant. Tyler, who just graduated from Plymouth State University, has been jamming with his brother Ryan (drummer) and childhood friend, Kevin (bassist), since they were kids.

"When Nicky came along, it added a whole new element to the band, " said Tyler. "Our sound just evolved organically from there." 

The journey for Nicky began a bit differently. After listening to his cousin playing Oasis' "Wonderwall" on an acoustic guitar during a family camping trip, the thirteen year-old was instantly hooked.

"I thought if I could play Wonderwall, that would be the coolest thing ever," Nicky said. "After that trip, my mom ended up buying me my own guitar, and I just couldn't put it down." 

Then Nicky went to YouTube to soak up as much musical skills as he could, 

                                                                          Mt. Pleasant's Guitarist/Vocalist Nicky Goulakos


What's Next for Mt. Pleasant?

As they continue playing local shows and fine-tuning their sound, Mt. Pleasant is set to release their first official album before 2017 comes to a close. This is a huge first step for them, and they have plans to kick into high gear as 2018 begins. 

"I see music as a lifelong outlet. I think I'l be writing music until the day I die. If we [Mt. Pleasant] could make a living with it, that would be the dream," said Tyler on where he wants to take this whole music thing. "We'd love to tour, see the world, connect with people and spread a positive message. That's really what it's all about."

Both Tyler and Nicky share a similar vision for the band. 

"We've definitely come a long way over the years. I think this album is really going to motivate us to get some bigger shows and take this whole thing to the next level," Nicky said. "Now, more than I ever, I believe in our music." 


Advice for Musicians


For people who want to get involved in music and are passionate about it, I would remind them that there's no better time than the present. If you want to play music, like we do, like Mt. Pleasant wants to, there's no reason not to. You're not guaranteed your future, so you do it NOW.
- Tyler of Mt. Pleasant


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"When you put on our music, I want you to forget about all the bullshit."


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Don't forget to pick up Mt. Pleasant's debut album The Great Divide on December 15th. 

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