The second installment of Artists in Focus features talented Boston-based artist and entrepreneur, Nick Iby, who turned his drawing hobby into a business. Since really diving in and using art as an outlet for his negative feelings, he has organically developed a unique style and brand. 

By following this passion and listening to people around him, he has been able to develop designs and products that represent him as a person. The 21-year-old isn't exactly sure where this endeavor will lead, but he's excited about the opportunity and the possibilities of Adfectu Artwork. 

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"Collaboration, in my eyes, is one of the most important things. Finding other people that share that creative passion with you is unlike any connection that I have found."




Following the Art Path

Nick began drawing back in high school, but he started in earnest only a few years ago. He started using art as an outlet to cope with the challenges and difficulties he was facing in his personal life. Using this as a catalyst, he continued to create drawings and doodles in his free time. At one point, his college roommate suggested selling his drawings online. Nick realized that it was a great idea and opportunity. Adfectu Artwork was born. 

From there, Nick took advice and suggestions from people around him as he continued creating art. His brand eventually snowballed into a clothing line. He now sells everything from t-shirts to yoga pants to phone cases. He had no idea that drawing alone in his room would turn into something big. 

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Check out more clothing designs on the Adfectu website—custom designs available upon request


Nick's Advice for Creatives


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When I started all of this, I had no idea I would end up here. I was just drawing alone in my room trying to escape any bad feelings I was having. As strange as this sounds, I think it's important to keep that sense of not really having a plan. Let things flow. Let things happen as they come. 


"My advice to people who want to build a business around art and creativity—don't do it for the money."


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