Deciding to embark on a journey is a liberating feeling. You begin to envision the places you'll see and the interesting people you'll meet. BUT what about the second thoughts and the inevitable anxiety that creeps in as departure day inches closer? 

These thoughts pervade our mind—causing us to question our decision to book that trip or board that flight. The feelings seems to flow in continuously until the plane wheels touch down on the tarmac in this foreign place. As I write these words, I'm four days away from moving to South Korea to teach English for a year. I must admit—it's a frightening and overwhelming feeling. SO MANY QUESTIONS: Will I like it there? Who will I meet? How will I adjust to the new culture? The food? The new language? 

These voices in our heads can be hard to shake. These thoughts are caused by fear—fear of the unknown. Like so many aspects of life, it comes down to how we react to the situation in front of us. Just because you're afraid of something doesn't mean you should avoid it. In fact, that may be the very reason to go forward and do it. It's a conscious choice to respond in a negative or positive way. It's your call. 

Instead of running from our fear, run towards itconfronting and fully embracing the feeling. It will take you to some remarkable destinations. If we can successfully shift our attitude about these pre-travel jitters, we open our eyes and minds to the abundance of opportunity that lay before us.

Break Your Boundaries.