Travel journal
Travel journal

Excerpts from my travel journal - California 2016

Departure -January 7th: 

Currently sitting on the flight to Cali. Super excited and a bit nervous. This is a familiar feeling. It's heading off into the unknown— no real way of knowing what will happen or how I will spend the next few weeks. I think this is the best way to experience life. It keeps things fresh and new. I feel that monotony and redundancy can cast a dark cloud over a person's life, which can rob them of the joy and happiness obtained from seeking new and different roads. One thing I would really like to accomplish during this trip would be to become better at interacting with new people and strangers. This is certainly something that I find difficult. Just the simple act of starting the conversation can be daunting.

Example? So, right now I'm on a plane. There's a few solo travelers next to me, and I want to strike up a conversation, but I'm struggling with actually doing it. I just need to stop thinking about it so much, and just do it. I think that's key with a lot of things in life. Don't think— just do. 

After boarding a Greyhound from the Bay Area, apparently I was on a solo travel high en route to SoCal...

Epiphany- January 12th:

Blog pic of journal
Blog pic of journal

You can have all you want in life if you take the time to look within for your purpose and direction. It takes a great deal of courage, patience, and persistence to pursue your dreams, but the only person holding you back is yourself. The ultimate question is: what  are seeking? What drives you and propels you towards your dreams? Look within your soul to find what kind of life you want. The only time that matters is right NOW. Keep striving for adventure and self-growth.

Heading Home- January 21st:

This solo trip is one of the best decisions of my entire life. It just further solidifies my love for travel and meeting new people. Gaining new perspectives and being amongst amazing people really makes you feel alive and present. The self-transformation is truly astounding. It really is difficult to put into words. Getting out of your comfort zone is the most incredible thing you can do for yourself.

Sailboat at sunset!
Sailboat at sunset!

Travelers are in the pursuit of education and knowledge. This knowledge and these experiences can be taken with you forever. Nobody can take it away from you. The fleeting friendships and passionate conversations will live on for eternity. I'm a firm believer in putting positive and loving energy out there for fellow people to then transfer into their own unique energy. The people you meet always have stories and perspectives that will inspire you to be a better person. As Johnny (fellow Cali traveler) said, "I believe in leaving a place better than I found it." That's such a simple, yet incredible concept. If everyone had a mindset similar to this, the world would be a much better place to live in. We need to take this idea and put it into action.

When we experience all walks of life forming friendships and bonds, we realize that all these divisive thoughts are just an illusion. None of it is real or authentic. We create the reality around us. Don't settle for the status quo. In fact, F#%! the status quo. Be bold enough to live the life you know you're capable of living. Doubters and haters are losers.

Go for it.

—After perusing my journal entries and reflecting on my experiences in California, I realized that not only did I accomplish the five goals that I set for my trip in my previous blog post: Solo Trip Goals , but I SMASHED them. When you break out of your comfort zone and open your mind to new possibilities, there are NO limits.

Break Your Boundaries.