• Flying from Boston, MA to San Jose, CA on January 7th
  • Staying with a friend in San Jose for a few days
  • Flying back from San Diego, CA to Boston, MA on January 21st

Besides these three basic facts, I have no specific plans while in California. By doing little planning, I hope to embrace the mystery and surprise of taking each day as it comes. I've never done this type of solo travel before. As each day passes, the anticipation and anxiety creeps in. Having a bit of apprehension about the trip only reinforces the necessity to go through with it. The fear of the unknown is quite possibly the greatest of all fears, but confronting that fear is an enriching and rewarding experience.

Although my plans are minimal, I have decided to set some rules for my time on the west coast:

1. Attempt to wake up early every day. This way I can maximize my time away from home.

2. Spend minimal time on my cell phone. These little devices have become a large part of our lives. I want to be present in as many moments as I can in California. Limiting my time on my phone will allow for more face-to-face interaction with fellow people and nature.

3. Attempt to strike up conversations with perfect strangers. This is something I find difficult and scary to do. This is another fear that I want to face head-on.

4. Limit alcoholintake. (ties in to rule # 1) Nothing's better than the ice cold amber nectar of beer hitting a weary traveler's palate. With that said, I'm not going to completely abstain from booze, but I don't want a late night to ruin the following day. With limited time in the state, that would be a real tragedy.

5. Document my trip in an interesting way. While in California, I will be filming and photographing my experience. The initial goal would be to capture interesting and engaging moments for a three-minute piece. Identifying, capturing, and forming a cohesive story would be the ultimate goal.

Bonus rule. Spend money wisely. Obviously I'll have to spend money every day while I'm away for food and lodging, but I'm looking to live as cheaply as I can. It will certainly be a challenge, but that's what life is about!

As I mentioned before, I'm getting nervous about this entire trip, but my enthusiasm far outweighs this anxiousness. Getting out of your comfort zone is an unbelievable feeling, and it will take you to places you couldn't have possibly imagined were possible before you decided to take that first step. Take that first step.

Break Your Boundaries.



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