I'm sure many of you have heard people discuss this topic before. The idea of placing more value or emphasis on experiences is so imperative that it deserves to be stated and restated. In this world of material wealth and excess, I think we quickly lose sight of true personal growth and development. With this idea in mind, I urge you to spend your time and money on the activities that will increase your knowledge of the world around you as well as yourself. Do things for the simple fact that you've never done them before. Scare yourself. At the moment, you may be nervous, but ultimately these moments will reveal your true self. Hike that trail. Ascend that mountain. Ride that wave. Resist the urge to buy the newest cell phone model or that fancy car. Despite what television commercials are telling you, these objects won't make you any happier. That Rolex on your wrist won't change your life. Those 300-dollar shoes won't help you connect with those around you. Creating connections and forming bonds with fellow humans will go far beyond any value gained from material possessions.

Former location of Old Man of the Mountain in Franconia Notch, NH. I snapped this picture prior to a hike in the White Mountains.

June was a month of good vibes and great music. On the 13th of June, I went to see Dave Matthews Band play— wonderful experience. Very few things compare to live music with a great group of people. That was my first concert in some time, and it reminded me why I enjoy them so much. A great band or performance can be truly mesmerizing, even therapeutic. After attending DMB, it came to my attention that in just five days my favorite band— Third Eye Blind— was playing in Boston. Riding the live-performance high, I took to the Internet, scouring for last-minute tickets. In the pursuit of reasonably-priced seats, the outlook appeared grim. I kept at it, though, and even considered going solo, thinking it would be an interesting experience, if nothing else. I ended up scoring two tickets for a solid price on a no-name website. Instead of going alone, I went with an awesome person on a beautiful night. What more could I have asked for? Before going into the venue, we indulged in some beer and appetizers at a waterfront bar— the perfect setting for getting hyped— and a little buzzed — before the show ;)  3eb After two lively opening acts, Third Eye took to the stage just as the sun dipped below the horizon.  As the multicolored lights shined, reflecting off the small yet electric crowd, my anticipation grew by the second. The lead singer, Stephan Jenkins, and the rest of the band opened up with "Graduate", a rhythmically pleasing song— very fitting, since I just graduated from college. That song set the stage (pun intended) for a truly amazing night of positive vibes and energy. The combination of joy and excitement pulsing through my body had me reeling, even hours after the performance. Incredible experience.

As I'm sure people can attest to, new possessions pale in comparison to the satisfaction and connectedness shared on nights like this. In saying this, I encourage you to seek and find experiences with people that you care about. In the end, these nights will be the ones you look back on with an unwavering smile.

Break Your Boundaries.

http://goo.gl/lzFJrR   - Third Eye Blind photo link