Many people think that they need to venture far away from home to discover new things. This is a great misconception. In fact, there is beauty to be discovered and explored right in our backyards. In a recent trip to the Merrimack River in Lowell, MA, I realized this undeniable truth. As I sat upon a group of rocks along the river's edge, gazing out on the water, shimmering with golden rays of sunlight, thoughts of peacefulness and serenity permeated my mind. IMG_0060

Whether it's a stroll through the woods, a trek up a mountain trail, or a relaxing day along your local river, there are new things to see and embrace all around us. While adventuring hundreds or thousands of miles away from our homeland sounds desirable, it's not always an immediate option. This reality may be due to work obligations or financial restrictions, but these do not have to be hindrances to your wanderings.

As I mentioned before, we can uncover wonderful sights in our own backyards—literally. The picture shown below was taken on the stairs in my backyard. 20150522_134324

While it may seem that our normal surroundings can become stale and unexciting, a slight shift in perspective can drastically adjust our dirty lenses. This refreshed view can open our minds to a renewed sense of clarity, as we appreciate the natural beauty all around us, truly enveloping us into a world vastly different from the reality we previously knew. By changing our perspectives and perceptions, we can then allow our minds to entertain ideas and possibilities never before imagined. In this sense, I can't think of any better way to grow and develop as a person. And with that, I turn to a quote by Henry Miller:

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Sun peeking through a tree at Harris Pond

Continuing with this theme of local travel, I ventured down to Harris Pond, about 1/2 mile from my house, which gave me the opportunity to take some interesting photographs. I decided that sunset would be an opportune time to capture these photos. It also gave me some necessary alone time to reflect on the day. If you don't get much "me" time, I suggest  traveling to a similar setting to unwind.


While walking around the pond, I came across a feather sitting in the grass at the water's edge. Immediately, I was inspired to photograph it, because of the symbolism that I associate with feathers—escape.  I like to think of feathers as a metaphor for escaping the everyday, escaping the mundane. At this moment, I was able to escape. Granted, it was within walking distance from my home, but it still brought me away from the stress and worry that inevitably comes with life. It reminded me to slow down and admire all that planet Earth has to offer.

Break Your Boundaries.