My name is Matt Collamer. 

I was born in Boston and raised in Dracut, Massachusetts. In May of 2015, I graduated from Worcester State University, where I gained valuable film skills and writing experience. After a semester abroad in Australia in 2014, my eyes were opened to a multitude of perspectives and possibilities that changed my outlook on life. This trip was instrumental in forming my passion— travel filmmaking. It began as a way to document my experiences and adventures in another country, but it became much more. It is now my preferred style of video production and something that I truly believe in.

Additionally, in August of 2015, I traveled to the Amazon Rainforest to live with an indigenous tribe in Ecuador. I was appointed as the videographer for the trip, as part of an intercultural initiative coordinated by a group of professors at Worcester State University. Yet again, this travel experience left a deep impression on me, and I thirsted for more. Only more wandering and filmmaking will quench my thirst for knowledge and raw experience.

Through filmmaking, photography, blogging, and various travel experiences, I have shaped a movement toward helping others realize their true potential. In early 2016, I launched a new YouTube channel and a website dedicated to this philosophy.  I am now back in the Boston as I pursue videography and photography full-time as my career going forward. 

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